Aetheryte - Subscription

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Aetheryte for the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV will allow you to do things that the Final Fantasy client would prevent you from doing. Such as instantly teleporting to any location in the game, permanent run speed, and even giving your character special abilities that would require items, or a spell to achieve!

Some of the things Aetheryte can do is:

*Teleport to any location in game.

*Change your characters movement speed, and have permanent sprint!

*Predefined Teleport locations in areas!

*Change your minion's size!

*Change other players character's size!

*Instantly sync with out Server to download other players uploaded teleport locations!

*No knockback effect from any spells!

*Customize your spell effects for all spells

*Instantly save/load your teleport locations right inside of Aetheryte

*Export all your saved locations to share with others!

*Instantly Teleport straight to any nearby minion, or your own minion!

*Change your name.

*Chat with fellow Aetheryte users in the client in realtime!

and much more!

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Aetheryte for Final Fantasy XIV - Subscription

$15+ a month

Aetheryte - Subscription

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