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EQBoT for EverQuest TLP Servers is a new kind of Bot, this bot runs simply off of your EverQuest log file. You can control any class on multiple PC's simply by a press of a key. There is no memory injection, no memory reading, writing or anything invasive! So it is 100% safe!

Simply turn on your ingame log by typing /log on. Then type in the characters EQLog directory of the character you want to control, and your main characters name as the master. You are now ready to go! Its as simple as that.

EQBot's Current Features:

*Autofollow any character.

*Assist any player or character.

*Cast any hotbar keys.

*Cast any spell.

*Use any ability or item.

*Auto jump your character.

*Auto Heal macros.

*Press any key.

*Predefined /say responses.

*Pet attack functions.

*Assisting macro functions.

The Complete EQBot command list can be viewed here: 



Access to EQBoT

$15 a month

EQBot - Subscription